Companies acquisition

From a strategic, tactical and financial point of view realizing an acquisition is a complex and demanding process. Development of strategy and preparation of effective tactics are essential, and a careful selection of appropriate target companies is key.

Robexis handles these aspects on a regular basis in a variety of sectors. We are therefore able to give you valuable professional support based on long experience of how to address and resolve these issues and how to avoid possible pitfalls:

  • targets identification,

  • information collection,

  • negociation,

  • funding search …

Sales and divestitures

Sales and divestitures of companies cause their particular problems.

It is important to identify a number of bidders to ensure negotiating power and choice. Price is not the only consideration: company culture and how existing management are handled is a key issue.

The experience of Robexis can be invaluable in:

  • keeping the managers informed and motivated;

  • ensuring that their long term interests are aligned with the company;

  • integrating with a purchaser’s management structure.

Robexis operates as a professional adviser for companies owners.

In these cases, we identify buyers and handle the different interests of the various parties. For instance, highlighting synergies and corporate results, putting together alternative deal models and incentives with the objective of ensuring the best deal possible to the seller.